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Cricket Betting Guide

Whether its overs, wickets, or silly mid-on, cricket is a mine field of jargon itself, and it is no surprise to find that cricket betting is a very similar affair. However once you get to know exactly what you should be looking for, then you can start to have a bit of fun, and most importantly start winnign a few bets.

Get to understand the game

It goes without saying, but understand the game first, and then understand the markets. Cricket is at times mind-boggling, even for the most experienced of spectators, so watch a a few games and get a feel for the ebb and flow of a test match, for example. Learn what a decent run rate in test matches is (anything above about three and a half runs an over, in case you were wondering), find the man of the moment who is looking likely never to get out, and look into the pitch type to see who is going to thrive. If it is a hard surface, back the bigger and taller bowlers to take wickets.

If it is green and overcast, look for low scores and the ball to swing. Much like the game itself, cricket betting takes time to learn and is more about feel than outright knowledge, but once you get a grip of the game, you can start to reap what you sow.

No one could have predicted Ali Cook’s exploits in Australia over the winter, especially given his prior form in the country, so you will need luck, but back the right man and you can win big.

Twenty20 to make plenty

Not everybody has got the time to study the form of a five day test match, and watch the entire game. That is where twenty20 comes in. The newest, shortest form of the game is generally considered the most exciting, and can make for an excellent betting opportunity, especially given that semi-finals, and the final are held on the same day.

Look for the big hitters and the most composed batsmen and back them, this is a batsman’s game after all, and bowlers will be generally considered to have done well if they can concede less than 6 an over; a gigantic amount in any other form of the game. if it comes to finals day and you are still hooked you have the rare opportunity to size all the semi-finalists up on the same day, predict who will make the final and back a winner.

Add into that the excitement and huge crowds that Twenty20 attracts and you have a recipe for fun, and most importantly for success.

Go for in-game betting

The wonders of modern betting allow you to bet on certain outcomes on an over by over basis. This is a potentially dangerous game to play but armed with the right knowledge and a little bit of luck you can win big.

Steer clear of how many no-balls can be bowled an over or how many run-outs will occur, these markets are generally the hardest to predict as they are the outcome of temperament, the amount of pressure surrounding a game or just downright luck usually, amongst the hardest of variables to gage.

In-game betting is the best place for you to pit your knowledge and understanding of the game; show you know the score in more ways than one by betting often and little on the next wicket or next boundary, for example. So nuanced is cricket that there are plenty of markets out there to satisfy your needs. This takes a true understanding of the game and a huge slice of luck, but the rewards are there to be had.


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Keep it simple

The temptation, especially with football betting and the multitude of markets out there, is to try and walk before you can run and try to predict the first corner rather than sticking with singles. In a two horse race it is unlikely you will find particularly long odds so you won’t make a fortune this way, but it is a great way to start. Once you have placed a few pounds on who will win and got a feel for the action, then stretch out into first goal scorer etc, just make sure you are in control and know what you are doing.

Find the best odds

This may sound like a no-brainer, but make sure you find the best possible return for your money. Don’t be afraid to shop around some of the online-only bookmakers along with high street favourites to find the best way to maximise your return. Look at odd comparison sites, and make sure you do your research before placing. Sites like Betfair and Paddy Power tend to offer the best odds around (although the Betfair system can seem confusing, it is worth reading their how-to guide before doing anything else) but try not to stick with one site when you could be missing out elsewhere.

Accumulator to accumulate

One of the best ways of maximise your return for very little stake is of course, an accumulator. It basically boils down to picking a series of results correctly, anywhere from two games to, well, as many as you want, with the more games you are willing to predict the higher your return will be.  The chance of your accumulator coming in recedes with the more results you try and predict, so as a rule of thumb look to bet on about five or six folds to optimize your return while not doing your chances of winning irreparable damage.

Check for specials

Bored of betting on an outright winner, or first goalscorers? Well there is plenty more bets out there for you to pit your knowledge against, and you can even bet in-game if you want to really spice things up. Most bookmakers offer in-game markets if you want to bet in real time, while there are also plenty of other “special” markets out there, where bookmakers offer you something a bit different with better odds for some extra fun. Remember,  use all the resources at your disposal and make sure that you do your research, while there is no sure fire way to success, a bit of extra information can go a long way.


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